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The life of an entrepreneur: Interview with Tatiana  from RESTORK

The life of an entrepreneur: Interview with Tatiana from RESTORK

BY Gytis Ceglys

This week, we catch up with Tatiana Pikalova – Founder of RESTORK. RESTORK is an online multi-vendor marketplace for luxury pre-owned fashion, toys and travel systems for children. Here’s her story:

How did you come up with your website’s name? Did you consider any other options?

That was one of the hardest decisions that I had to make for my business. I wanted the name to include something stork related and also have some sustainability theme in it. My first option was “Cicogna” which means stork in Italian, but I kept forgetting how to spell it so that was out. Then I liked “Bambino” which was vetoed shortly considering there are so many businesses that have some sort of variation of that. Finally, after a boozy FaceTime session with my girlfriends, I stuttered and said Restork, and that was it… RESTORK was born!


What motivates you to become an entrepreneur?

I was raised in an entrepreneurial environment. My father was an entrepreneur in the 90s and he insisted that I studied Business and entrepreneurship in university. A lot of my friends started their own business and it looked hard but also so rewarding. Every year I would come up with some cool new idea but it was short-lived and I wouldn’t follow through. Finally during the lockdown, I was separated from my fiance, my friends and my family… I was struggling a lot. My sister who lives in my building had a little baby and had no space where to put his clothes and his prams and that’s when I realised… there isn’t really any online marketplace for luxury nursery furniture and travel systems.

Looking back, what do you wish someone had told you before you’d started creating your project?

Co-founder… I wish I started Restork with someone else. Some days it’s hard to motivate yourself, to just get up and do it.

What gives you endless energy?

Coffee… apart from the obvious, I guess the bigger picture. Imagining having something that I could grow and expand to different markets. I also work well with pressure… if I don’t give myself a deadline then I’ll never do it. Giving myself little deadlines makes sure that I’m on track and that I don’t procrastinate.

Photo: Tatiana

Who is the biggest influence in your life?

My mother. She comes over every day to help me package the items, to take some stock to the warehouse, to make sure I am well fed.

Who should everyone be following?

@leoniehanne and @thefashionbugblog

What makes you feel really good?

Travel. My family is based in Russia/UAE, my friends are all over the world (mainly Asia), my soon to be husband is in France. When I travel, I know I’m going to see someone I love and there isn’t a better feeling than that.

Photo: Tatiana

“Life is not a competition, it’s about helping each other, inspiring others and being kind.

If you were going to write a book, what would you write about? What inspirational lessons would you draw from my own life?

Life is not a competition, it’s about helping each other, inspiring others and being kind.

What are you listening to right now?

When I do any kind of work, I always have the tv on… something I’ve seen a million times, I find it comforting. Usually, it’s either friends or criminal minds or supernatural.

BY Gytis Ceglys

Gytis Ceglys is Co-Founder of WOOBRO. He is a Lithuanian multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things. He lives and works in London..