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Vaida Cegle – Fashion Addicted

Vaida Cegle – Fashion Addicted

BY Gytis Ceglys

Vaida Cegle is a Fashion Addictedblogger with passion for fashion, travel, beauty and street style. While travelling around the world or staying in different London places she takes pictures of different people styles. Inspired by these different people she creates her own fashion and gives advice on how to create the elegant look without spending a fortune.


“Blogging is a great way to express yourself and earn money for the the things you love to do

How did you come up with your website’s name? Did you consider any other options?

The evening I decided to create a blog I went through my mind with tens of different names. I really wanted to include word fashion and somehow I came up with this simple but effective phrase fashion addicted. I checked hosting availability and voulia, Fashion Addicted has been born.

What inspired you to become a blogger?

I started my fashion career as a model and even I loved fashion world a lot, modelling just wasn’t for me. So I slowly moved from a catwalk to blogging. I couldn’t be happier what I do now.

What does your daily blogging routine look like?

I wake up at 6.30-7am and spend time with my baby. Around 11am he goes for a nap and then my work starts. I make myself a cup of coffee and start to reply emails, do flatlay shots for Instagram and any work I have to do that day. The rest of the day is again with my baby, I try to reply some emails in between playing with him. After 7pm I put my baby to bed and my work begins again. I edit pictures, write articles and plan my next day tasks. This is how busy mum’s and blogger’s life looks.

What’s your proudest lifetime achievement?

It’s hard to say but I am really proud that I collaborated with such strong brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Fabryan, ect. I am also proud to be nominated at Cosmopiltan Influencers Awards.


” Dream big, work hard and you’ll have what you want.


What drives you to keep blogging and stay motivated?

Like in any life situation there are ups and downs, but seeing results of my hard work and dedication, reading positive comments and getting new opportunities with my dream brands keeps me going.

What do you wish you knew before you started your blog?

I think blogging requires a lot of SEO knowledge. And of course social media marketing. I wish I started my Instagram account earlier.

Name another blogger who is killing it?

Before I started blogging I saw Anabelle Fleur in the magazine and since then she became my idol. I know that I am different from her, I don’t live the same lavish life, but I just love her style.


What is your best advice to young bloggers just starting out?

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and earn money for the the things you love to do. It’s important to be passionate, dedicated and of course be unique.

How do you deal with negative comments on social media?

Luckily I haven’t received any negativity via social media and I hope I won’t. I just think that some negativity comes from other bloggers. Sometimes it feels like bloggers are fighting with each other, that they are jealous of something and smile might hide the negativity towards you.

How do you manage a work/life balance?

Since I gave a birth it’s been really tough to manage my personal life and work but I am trying my best and work every moment I can. During my baby’s naps, his night time sleep and whenever I have a chance.


Who is the biggest influence in your life?

My husband. He always inspires me, he kick my ass when I stop doing things, he just makes me going all the time.

Who should everyone be following?

I love Christine Andrew

What are you listening to right now?

My baby’s babbling

BY Gytis Ceglys

Gytis Ceglys is Co-Founder of WOOBRO. He is a Lithuanian multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things. He lives and works in London..