article Two reasons why not to buy premium wordpress themes

Two reasons why not to buy premium wordpress themes

Is Buying Premium WordPress Theme Insane?

So you’re launching a website with WordPress. Obviously, design and functionality are at the forefront of your mind. One of the first things you’ll need to decide is if your needs can be met by a pre-made theme with some customizations or if you need a fully custom theme developed just for you.

WordPress is often chosen as a website platform because it is easy to add content. However, setting up a professional-looking and smoothly-functioning WordPress website is more complex than it looks when you buy a Premium WordPress theme.

A quick look at ThemeForest’s top selling themes will tell you that ThemeForest authors are forced (by competition or audience demand — hey, all they’re asking for is a faster horse, right?) to throw in as many non-theme features as they possibly can. So they keep adding them, and adding them, and adding them…

Two reasons why not to buy premium wordpress themes

1. Most of Functionalities are needless

Most Premium WordPress themes come with a ton of prebuilt functionality like SEO configurations, responsive design, multiple gallery options, custom post types, options to change visual/front end look, etc. For the average website owner all of this options are needless. In reality they are almost never used, and they just overload the website. They serve, however, the WordPress theme company as a selling point.

2. Your Wesbite looks exactly like your competitors

You don’t need your unique business website to look exactly like your competitors, or do you? As part of the WordPress setup, the theme needs to be customized to include your logo, company information, look & feel, and structure for your content. Some themes offer tools to make the customization easier, but to really get the theme to match your brand, the theme needs to be edited by a PHP and CSS programmer.

Custom WordPress Theme

A custom WordPress website is a website that has been built from scratch, hand coded, based on a unique pre-approved design. Web Agencies who building custom wordpress themes use own WordPress Framework to create all functionalities you need for your business.

A custom WordPress website is coded in a very clean way and does not contain excessive or unnecessary lines of code. Having less code helps the website to be indexed very easily from search engines. Being indexed allows for better SEO, less 404 errors, and generally faster load speed for the website.

And of course you will get a bespoke and unique design to stand out from the crowd.

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