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Speed Optimisation. Development. Design Improvements. Bug Fixing. Hosting Setup.

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WordPress Maintenance Service Plans and Services


£90 per month


£360 per month


£900 per month

Support Time per Month

The number of hours you can use each month for design and development service.
1 hour 4 hours 10 hours

Additional Hour

If we see that we need an extra time to complete the task, we will let you know. We will not charge for additional hours without your confirmation.
£120 per hour £90 per hour £60 per hour

Response Time

If it's an emergency (website infected with malware or website is down), we available 24/7 and our response time is less than one hour (normaly 10 minutes).
Within 8 hours Within 4 hours Within 1 hours

Fix time

If it's an emergency (website infected with malware or website is down), we available 24/7 and we start work within 1 hour.
Within 24 hours Within 12 hours Within 4 hours

Custom Development

Carrying out bespoke modifications to your WordPress website to give it a custom style of its own.
Monthly Monthly Daily

Bug Fixes

Taking care of any issues that arise on your website whether large or small.
Monthly Weekly Daily

UI and UX Design Improvements

Enhancing your WordPress website and improving its design with custom elements and templates.
Monthly Monthly Daily

Loading Speed Optimisation

Improving the performance of your website for faster loading times through image compression, site caching, database optimisation, and minimising resource overheads.
Monthly Monthly Daily

Wordpress Updates

Keeping the WordPress software and plugins that power your website up to date and running smoothly.
Monthly Weekly Daily


*Back-ups service is only for WOOBRO Hosting clients.
Daily Daily Daily


Proactive website protection from malware, viruses, and hackers.
Daily Daily Daily

Uptime Monitoring

Responding to downtime as soon as possible is key to ensuring quality user experience on a site.
Checking every 3 minutes Checking every 60 sec Checking every 60 sec

SSL Monitoring

We checks daily for SSL validity as well as expiration dates.
Daily Daily Daily

Website Speed Monitoring

If your website is loading speed more than 1 sec, we will get automated alert via SMS and Slack.
Daily Daily Daily

Site Reports

We generate site performance reports.
Weekly Daily Daily

Monitor WordPress Updates

We monitor all WordPress updates, including plugins, themes, and WordPress core.
Checking every 3 minutes Checking every 60 sec Checking every 60 sec


£90 per month
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£360 per month
Get Started


£900 per month
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Don’t see anything you like? Maybe an individual package would be a better fit. Get in touch with us so you can chat about your business, what you are looking for, and importantly, how we can help.

WordPress Maintenance Service How ir works

1. Create a Task or Issue

You will receive access to our online Task Management System so that you can create a task or issue.

2. Instant Response

Our developers and designers will pick up your task immediately. We'll ask if there is any further information we need.

3. We get to work

We will work on your task or issue and let you know once we are complete. You can communicate with us in our online Task Management System, via Email or Phone.

WordPress Maintenance Service Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started?

In order to get started, we would like to have a quick call meeting with you. We would like to know about your business goals, concerns and how we can help you. After collectively, we choose a suitable Maintenance and Support Package for you, we'll ask you to create a user for us to access the WordPress Dashboard and FTP.

How much WordPress development work can you do in an Hour?

In an hour we can edit WordPress page templates, customise WordPress post types, or even create a functional lead generation page with the contact form. We will always let you know if we think we may need more hours than your packages usually allows.

What happens if I don't use my package hours?

We are pro-actively monitoring and checking your WordPress updates and website loading speed. Sometimes you will find in your Task Management recommendations from our designers and developers. Our team is very interested that your business succeeds.

What are your support hours?

Our default hours are 8 am – 5 pm GMT. If it's an emergency (website infected with malware or website is down), we available 24/7 and we'll work until we fix the issue!

Do you support multiple sites?

You can sign-up one support package for one website. If you would like to maintain more than one website, we offer a special discount for additional support packages.

Can you host my WordPress site?

Yes, we would be more than happy to host your website. Our price starting £120 per year. Please check more about WOOBRO WordPress Hosting Prices and Plans

Can I transfer my unused hours to the next month?

Our team is very time disciplined and focus on delivering the best website support for our clients. To be more organised and be able to respond to emergencies, we do not transfer package hours to the next month.

What happens if I need more hours than is in my package?

If we see that we need an extra hour or two to complete the task, we will let you know. Additional hours we call Overtime. The overtime rate is £120/hour. If you see that you will regularly need extra time every month, we would recommend you to upgrade the plan, or we will create an individual support package for you.

What is your response time?

When you log a task or issue with us, we always aim to get back to you within 24 hours maximum. On most occasions, you'll get a reply within 1 hour on average, sometimes even quicker!

Are there any hidden fees?

No. The only price you pay is the price of your monthly subscription support plan.

Where is your team located?

Our office is in London, Shoreditch.

What is Emergency contact?

If your website infected with malware, or your website is down, we are availble 24/7 via phone, sms or email.

How you manage to monetise all WordPress updates for all clients in the same time?

We are using cloud-based WordPress Plugin Alergator. The plugin sends alerts and notifications about website performance issues, theme errors, plugin updates, and WordPress core updates. We get the alerts via SMS, Slack, and emails. Also, we get detailed reports for each website.

Can I change my plan after signup?

Yes, you can upgrade, or downgrade as you wish, contact us, and we'll be more than happy to help.

I couldn't be happier with my choice of using WOOBRO for our website development and maintenance work. The team is very professional and talented. They know everything about WordPress, it is incredible!

The response time is quick and the problem solving process is quite swift. I would definitely recommend WOOBRO services to anyone who is looking for support with WordPress.

Juhi, Head of Marketing, Mariana UFP LLP, London

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