Introducing Algergator A New WordPress Maintenance Plugin

Checking your clients website’s are up-to-date, running smoothly, and are safe and secure is an ongoing job. If you are working with ten clients, then checking ten or so sites on a regular basis is manageable. But if your clients are numbering in the hundreds, then ensuring that each and every website is performing at its optimal level is a mammoth task.

Introducing ALERGATOR, a new WordPress plugin from WOOBRO. Created to deal with website maintenance on a large scale, this impressive solution sends out instant alerts and reports when errors occur on clients sites. This helps you immediately catch and deal with any problems and issues as they arise, and crucially before they affect a site’s performance.

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Alergator: An Overview

Alergator is a free and premium plugin, that is a perfect solution for design agencies, website owners with multiple sites, and large companies. By using Alergator, you can maintain and support your client’s sites, ensuring that they are safe, fast and performing at their optimal level.

Initially, the plugin was designed by the WordPress development agency WOOBRO to help them maintain countless websites for their clients. WOOBRO gleaned that instead of checking sites one-by-one, they needed a product that could alert them to any performance related issues. And so was born Alergator.

The Alergator plugin will monitor client’s websites and send notifications via email, Slack and SMS, every time an issue occurs. Issues include a site going down, slow loading speed, necessary updates to plugins, themes and WordPress, and much more.

Once up and running, WOOBRO very quickly realised the value of Alergator to their agency, and quickly set out to share this impressive solution with others outside of the WOOBRO sphere.

WordPress Plugin ALERGATOR Dashboard overview

Alergator Top Features

Alergator is a cloud based service, so it won’t affect the performance of any WordPress website it is installed on. It works by using an integrated checklist, monitoring key criteria and reporting all data back to its notification center.

Reports are generated within Chrome and Firefox browsers headless mode, and the notification center is built from SMS API, Bespoke email API, and Slack. Once errors and/or reports are received, instant alert are sent out to users, via slack, email and/or SMS.

So what key aspects does Alergator monitor and report on…

  • Updates – Algerator monitors all WordPress updates, including plugins, themes, and WordPress core, and will alert users when any of these elements need updating.
  • Website Speed Times – Fast loading times are key, so Alergator tracks website’s response times and reports slow performance.
  • Site Errors – Alergator identifies any site errors, for example a non-compliant plugin. It then reports back to the custom errors page within the notification center.
  • Uptime Monitoring – Responding to downtime as soon as possible is key to ensuring quality user experience on a site. Alergator reports any instances of downtime, enabling you to deal with the problem as a matter of urgency.
  • SSL Monitoring – Alergator checks daily for SSL validity as well as expiration dates.
  • Site Reports – Alergator generates daily/weekly site performance reports.

Multiple alerts can be set up, so more than one user receives notifications of issues that have arisen. This is ideal for larger companies with multiple employees. Daily and weekly performance reports are also generated by Alergator, providing in-depth knowledge into how client’s sites are operating, and helping to inform future maintenance work.


How To Get Started With Alergator

Alergator boasts a quick and easy set up process, enabling the plugin to be up and running in just a few minutes. Here’s a step-by-step run through of the process…

Download Algerator from the WordPress Repository.

  1. Install the plugin on your WordPress website (from within the WordPress dashboard select Plugins > Add Plugins. Locate and upload the plugin file and then click Install > Activate).
  2. Sign in with Algerator and connect the service with the website.
  3. Once the website has been synced with Algerator, set up user alerts, ensuring that you will receive notifications (either via email, Slack, or SMS).
  4. The plugin will now be up and running, and alerts and reports will start to be sent via your channels of choice.

    Evidently, Algerator performs not only an extremely useful service, but also ensure a user-friendly experience.

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