article How to make succefull law business website

How to make succefull law business website

There are a number of mistakes made by designers in designing lawyers websites. With that in mind, the following is a list of the Top 5 mistakes:

1. Don’t use Flashy Landing Pages.

Flashy landing pages are popular with web designers that want to show off their skills, but they aren’t liked by people searching for information online. A complicated flash page may look great once it finally loads, but many people will not wait around to see it. Many site visitors immediately click away from a website that tells them to wait while fancy graphics and videos are loading. Keep it simple. People who come to a law firm website are looking for legal information, not special effects.

2. Speaking in Legalese.

Often, attorneys create content for their websites with their experiences in mind. When writing content, you may fall back on the jargon and language you’re accustomed to every day as a practicing attorney. But, this isn’t the jargon that most people understand.
Create content that can be read and understood by these potential clients. A majority of clients will not be as familiar with the law as a seasoned attorney or even someone who’s been through law school. So don’t forget that you’re writing content for them. In your appeal, these clients have to understand why it is they should hire you.
If they can’t understand your accomplishments and abilities, they’ll go somewhere else.

3. Failing to Provide Substantive Legal Information.

Failing to provide substantive legal information is another frequent mistake in lawyer websites. People looking at a lawyer’s website are not as interested in the lawyer as they are in the legal issue that drove them to look for a lawyer. What people really want is information about their problem. An attorney who merely claims to be an expert on some area of law does not convince people as much as the attorney who posts articles or blog posts demonstrating that expertise. An attorney who is competent enough to advertise expertise in an area of law practice should know the subject well enough to provide some basic information on a website.
Use that knowledge to gain more clients.

4. Outdated Content.

Does the footer of your website say © 20014? Have you been meaning to add new content, but haven’t had time?
When clients look at your website, they want to know that your content is current. They want to know of your latest victories and of the most recent contributions you’ve made to the legal community. If the most recent content you have on your website is a link to an article you authored many years ago, you may want to consider updating your site.
If you really cannot find the time to work on your site, have a paralegal, summer associate, or legal intern write your new content.
WOOBRO Maintenance Services.

5. Not Demonstrating Your Strenghts.

Many attorney websites don’t sell the attorneys’ skills to their clients. They often have a Practice Areas page noting that the firm handles DWI, family law, or estate planning matters, but does nothing more to convince the client that they should use the firm’s services.
Or, attorneys think that they have enough information about their skills because they have an attorney bio page for every member of the firm. This doesn’t do enough to pitch clients on your expertise, however. Clients don’t read meticulously through the attorney bios, which read like resumes.

With these tips, we hope you will make your law firm website the best it can possibly be, enabling you to reach more potential clients than ever while keeping it legal.

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