article 10 things you can do to speed up your site

10 things you can do to speed up your site

Web pages are supposed to be running 24/7 with the best speed, but unfortunately at times they do not respond as quickly as they should. In order to speed up your pages here are 10 things to do, because 50% people leave the page if it takes a lot of time (seconds) in loading.

  1. There are a lot of things which you can do to accelerate the webpage speed. For instance, instead of using a lot of style sheets separately, what you can do is that you can merge them together. Furthermore, whatever you page represents, increase the access to the page.
  2. Most of us has heard about zip files. Zip compressions help in reducing the size of anything and helps in saving while taking the minimum space. Similarly, some web pages are huge and size and it becomes impossible to download them. In this case, you can enable compression. Compression will bring the size to the maximum limit and will help in using it in the best way.
  3. Your website page has to be the best page, I agree. You add tons of pictures and gifs and whatnot to make it look aesthetically pleasing sometimes. But wait for a minute and think. You always have to keep the size of your images small and the format in JPEG. This format and size help is increasing the speed rate of it.
  4. This tip is very much recommended if you want to escalate the speed. The server response time should be 200 milliseconds.
  5. Since there are a lot of ways which can be used to accelerate the speed of the web page, enabling browser caching is one of them. Generally, when someone visits the page for the first time, its browsers saves so many things and does not require any HTTP request on the net visit. Enabling browser caching will make it sure that the web pages are running in the best speed.
  6. One reason that the websites are taking so long is that it sometimes produces code which becomes hindering in the speed rate. In order to avoid these things, minify all the resources which you think are extra. The things which are not needed, remove them from the web page.
  7. Another problem while your website is taking too long to load is the redirects. Redirects becomes hindrance as they keep on producing HTTP requests. One way of preventing the websites from the HTTP requests is to reduce the redirects. Google also provides its users a great help in this regard. One can also consult Google if there is anything which is difficult to solve.
  8. The common reason of the slow speed of the website is the Plug-in. Those who are associated with the computers must know what a plug in is. Too many plug-ins hold back the speed of the website which is why it takes too long to load.
  9. With the aim of increasing the speed limit of your web page, optimize the CSS delivery. This will help in generating ways of increasing the speed limit.
  10. Furthermore, make sure that the content which is important on your page appears first. So the users do not run away while waiting.


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